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Your Monroe Fire Department At Work

Monroe Fire Department Paramedics transport the victim of a recent shooting to the ambulance. 


The Monroe Fire Department responds to many EMS calls daily, providing both basic and advanced life support first response, non-transporting service. 


The Monroe Fire Department has been providing such EMS to the citizens and visitors to Monroe for approximately 20 years.

Photo by Michael Dunlap/The News-Star

Photo by Michael Dunlap/The News-Star

Monroe Firefighters respond to a house fire. 


A team of firefighters are using a 2 1/2 inch fire attack line to deliver large volumes of water to extinguish a major exposure. 


Handling a high-volume water delivery through a 2 1/2 inch fire attack line can be very strenuous, especially within a long-term attack.  Multiple firefighters are sometimes needed to help handle the reaction from the water pressure.

Photo by Margaret Croft/The News-Star

Monroe Firefighters are using exterior firefighting technique on this house fire. 


In situations like this where the house is fully involved in fire upon arrival, one of the primary goals is to extinguish the fire while insuring it does not cause damage or spread to neighboring structures. 

After extinguishing an outside paper storage fire, Monroe Firefighters, still in full protective gear and self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), regroup for another assignment.

Photo by Michael Dunlap/The News-Star